The upgrade brings several new features, including (but not limited to):

Updated October 22, 2008
  • AJAX support for automatic login and password check on the home page.
  • Added site policy option to require master password on all files.
  • Added site policy option to restrict the number of times a file can be downloaded.
  • Added site policy option to restrict the number of days until a file is deleted.
  • Added site policy option to disable file forwarding.
  • Added site policy option to disable advanced file sending features.
  • Improved speed for administrator reports.
  • Added support for CRM emails at 3 days or 30 days for resellers.
  • Enhancements to site content.
  • Improved caching for faster overall site performance.

Updated September 15, 2008
  • Improved HTML notification emails
  • Added support for Asian characters in HTML email sent to Microsoft Outlook users.
  • All files are now encrypted on the server when they are uploaded before they touch the disk, and remain encrypted at all times.
  • A new MASTER PASSWORD feature.  If you use the master password feature to send a file, the master password must be known by the recipient in order to download the file.  The master password will be used as a custom encryption key and no one, not even STP admins will have the capability to access the data without the password.  For sites that require the highest confidentiality, this can be set as a required field when your employees send files.
  • Automatic login.  When the user enters email account and password, the site logs the user in automatically.
  • User interface enhancements that check your quota before you upload your files, letting you know when its time to upgrade.
  • The account activation and and password recovery features were simplified to make it easier for end users.
  • Administrators with access to the "impersonate user" feature can not impersonate other admin users.
  • You can now use a custom web browser icon for your branded Virtual Private Server.
  • Admin pages have improved labeling for when working with tabbed web browsers.
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