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The Best Way to Send Files:  Introducing SendToPerson for Teams

It's easy to see why our file transfer service for teams is the best way to send files.  The first thing you'll notice about us is that our service is the fastest, and the most easy to understand and use.  The second thing you'll notice when you try it, is that we are the only ones offering you a zero administration solution.  We offer unlimited accounts, so your users can register themselves and start using the service right away.  Our competitors charge you for accounts, so you'll have to spend time managing users.  Our solution automatically deletes expired files, so you won't have to clean up your disk space.  Finally, we are the only service offering you a 99.9% up-time guarantee.  Our competitors don't offer that; shouldn't you ask why?

Completly custom brandable.  When our competitors tell you that their solution offers custom branding, that means you can get a URL like and stick your logo on the email they send your employees, customers and suppliers.  Our service is 100% custom brandable.  You can use any URL you like, such as or run your entire company website off of our system.  We include a content management system that allows you to add or modify any page on the site, including custom contact forms.  All emails are customizable, and you can upload your own graphics and branding into the system. 

A Virtual Private Server gives your organization a private, custom branded file transfer server, with a domain name like  When people go to your file transfer server, they'll see your branding.  Not only can you put your branding on the site and email, you can customize all aspects of your site and integrate it into your intranet or public facing website.  You can use your own custom domain name, colors, fonts, branding, and customize all site content including emails and web pages.  Many businesses run their entire internet presence off of our content management platform.  Our virtual private servers enable you to have a consistent brand image that supports a professional image for your organization.

Virtual Private Servers offer excellent value and convenience.  When you buy a virtual private server from us, we make everything easy. 
Zero Administration
  • Unlimited user accounts. Our Virtual Private Servers come with unlimited user accounts.  Simply buy the bandwidth you need, and forget about adding and removing users.
  • Users enroll themselves with their email address.  We send them an email to confirm their address, and then they can start using your site.  Your employees will automatically be able to use the system to send files.  Customers and suppliers will be able to use your site to send you files, or receive files from your employees.  You can manage permissions and set account expiration dates through the website if you like.
  • Files are deleted automatically.  You don't need to manage files or free up disk space.  Our servers automatically delete files after they expire.  There is always plenty of free disk space available.
  • Files are always secure. Customize your security policy, and the system will automatically ensure that file downloads are limited or that passwords are required for custom encryption that we can't even decrypt.  If master passwords aren't required by a group policy, your users won't use them; that's a fact.  Our service is certified secure by McAfee secure and is tested daily. Our servers are in a SAS 70 level II audited data center, the most secure available.
  • Don't forecast your bandwidth requirements.  We will always provide you with all the bandwidth you need.  If you exceed the bandwidth in your plan, we can retroactively upgrade your plan or you can simply pay for the extra bandwidth. 
  • Detailed reporting. The web-admin lets you use your web browser to check on how much bandwidth was used at any time, and by whom!  You can filter activity to see who is using the system and what they are doing. 
  • Forget about hardware.  You don't need to maintain hardware.  We back up your server on a regular basis, and monitor it 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  We offer a 99.99% availability service level guarantee.
Save money, and the environment
  • To send a DVD overnight from New York to London costs $70 using FedEx (June, 2008).  With rising fuel costs, the price is only going up.  To send the same DVD using this service will cost only a few dollars.  Our electronic file transfers can transfer large files fast, and wont burn fuel or utilize wasteful packaging.

All you have to do is decide how much data you want to be able to move and we'll quote you a price.  If you are not sure how much bandwidth you need, we'll set you up on a starter plan and you can upgrade your bandwidth at any time. 

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