Did you know that you can compress many files into one file and make it smaller at the same time?

When sending large files, compressing them makes them smaller.  You can also compress an entire folder of files, including sub-folders into one Zip file.  Zip utilities are very easy to use, and there are many good ones available for free.
Advantages of zipping files include:
  • Your files will upload and download faster
  • You can send files and folders as one file "package", instead of sending many files individually
  • You'll use less bandwidth and save money
Here is some information from Microsoft on using ZIP files with windows.  Mac OS also has built-in support for working with Zip files.
The .ZIP file format is a well established standard so it does not matter which utility you use.  You'll need a ZIP utility to compress or uncompress files.  Windows and Mac have built in zip / unzip software.  You can use that, or you can use a utility from a third party software developer such as TyphoonZip.

TyphoonTools provides a free utility for compressing files and folders into .zip or .rar file formats.  You can download it using the link below:

TyphoonZip works with many versions of Windows.

Some screen shots of the TyphoonZip utility are below.

Send Large Files service provided by ZapFiles.com.