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How do I activate my account?
An email with a verification link was sent to your email address.

For your security and privacy, when you create an account on SendToPerson.com, you can not use that account until your email address has been verified.  We'll send you a link from "alerts@sendtoperson.com".  Sometimes the email with the link lands in your spam / junk mail folder.  Look in your inbox and junk mail folder for the link, and be sure to add "alerts@sendtoperson.com" to your list of safe senders (also known as a whitelist). 

Sometimes email software such as Outlook will disable the link so you can't click on it.  If that happens, simply copy and paste the alert link into the address bar of your web browser.

NOTE: If someone else sent you a file and you clicked the file pickup link sent to your email box, your account will already be activated as soon as you select a password, because we'll already know you can receive email at that address.
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