Reseller Program Details
We pay substantial commissions and residuals for leads and sales orders.

Why become a STP reseller?
  • STP will pay a substantial commission to resellers for sales orders or referrals that convert to paying customers.
  • STP will also pay residuals when customers renew.
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Commission Schedule
  • We pay 30% for a completed sales order.
  • We pay 20% for a referral upon completion of a sale. 
  • We pay an annual residual of 5% to active resellers upon renewal.
  • A sales order is an order form completed by the customer or the reseller for the purpose of purchasing service.
  • A referral is information about a customer who has expressed interest in the STP service.  When a lead is submitted to us via our sales team will contact the customer and attempt to close the sale.
  • For information on pricing and the amount of a typical sale, please contact us.
About The Product
There are two products:  SendToPerson One and SendToPerson Team.  This reseller program pertains only to SendToPerson Team.

SendToPerson Team allows the customer to purchase their own private file transfer site with unlimited user accounts.  The customer can give an account to anyone he or she chooses and allow that person to use the account on the customer's site to send and receive files.

Some important things to know about SendToPerson Team:

  • The service appears like it's own file transfer website.  The site can use the customer's domain, and it is completely customizable because it has a built in, web-browser based content management system.  The customer can log in and edit the layout and design of the website, add or remove pages, and edit content in a Microsoft Word style editor.
  • Some customers run their website off of SendToPerson Team.  For example, see  The site also includes contact forms that are configurable and you can customize whiche email addresses receive the forms when they are submitted.
  • Some customers use a subdomain.  For example,
  • The file transfer service allows customers to send files up to two gigabytes (GB) in size.
  • Recipients do not need to have accounts in advance in order to receive files.
See the complete list of features.

What makes us different from the competition:

  • Unlimited user accounts.  Our competitors offer service limited to the number of user accounts included.  Our service includes unlimited user accounts, but instead chargers for bandwidth.  Customers sign up for a certain amount of bandwidth each month and forget about managing user accounts.  Our competitors force the customer to add and remove user accounts manually, and adjust accounts as usage patterns change over time.  One of the main reasons customers by the product is to reduce the management efforts required by FTP solutions, but then they re-introduce that management overhead by forcing customers to manage user accounts.
  • User self-enrollment.  When you buy a STP Team solution, you get your own site.  Users can come on the site and make their own user accounts.  User accounts are automatically granted permission to send files if their email address is on the customer's domain.  For example, if the customer is, and , and Jon creates an account on the STP Team site for, the software will automatically grant Jon permission to send files to anyone.  However, if wants to send a file, he can only send files to email addresses ending with, unless an administrator grants him special permission using the administrator section of the website.
  • Files are deleted automatically.  After a certain period of time, 7 days by default, files are deleted, so admins don't have to delete files to free up disk space.
  • Zero Administration.  Administrators don't need ato administer user accounts or files, so all work is eliminated.    Users enroll themselves, and simple rules automatically grant permission to send and receive files.  Old files are automatically removed from the server.  
  • Complete security and privacy.  Most managed file transfer websites encrypt customer files on their sever, and decrypt them as files are downloaded. However, this means that their IT staff has access to customer files.  If a law firm sends client information using a competitors system, that data is at risk in the hands of the file transfer service's IT staff, and customer confidentiality is not protected.  With SendToPerson, we give all users the option to enter a file password which custom encrypts the file using military grade encryption.  No one can decrypt the file without the password, not even our highest levels of staff.
  • Secure Data Center.  Many managed file transfer service websites are operated out of a home or office.  We use a Level 2 (highest available) SAS 70 certified data center. It has triple-redundant hospital grade power, advanced fire suppression systems, and multiple ultra high-capacity data connections.  Our data center has 24/7 security on duty inside and outside the building. 
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.  We've been searching extensively, and as far as we can find as of 12/8/2008 we can't find anyone else who provides a 99.9% service availability guarantee.  If a service provider won't offer a service level guarantee, then customers can expect to find themselves without service.

SendToPerson is better than FTP
Many of our customers are top level IT staff at companies that have their own data centers and FTP solutions.  FTP solutions have a lot of problems. 
  • FTP is not secure.  When you login to an FTP server, your username and password is transmitted in plain text, so someone with little technical skill can capture that information.  Most users don't use SFTP, so file transfers aren't secure either.  SendToPerson use is always secure for logging in and sending or receiving files.
  • Most people don't know how to use FTP and require training.  SendToPerson is as easy to use as email, and requires only a web browser.  No training is required.
  • FTP accounts must be created in advance by the IT administrator.  SendToPerson users can create their own accounts at any time.
  • Windows comes with two FTP programs included.  One uses the DOS style command line prompt, which most users don't know about and aren't comfortable using.  The second is Internet Explorer, which has some limited FTP capabilities.  Most users don't know these features exist in Internet Explorer or don't know how to use them.  Even if you know how to use it, Internet Explorer's FTP features are very limited and it does not support SFTP, so secure FTP software usually has to be installed on on the users PC and the user will require training and support.  SendToPerson doesn't require any special software to use.
  • When users upload files to an FTP server so that someone else can download them, those files are rarely removed by the user.  Administrators regularly have to manually clean out files that have accumulated on the FTP server and consumed all the available space.  SendToPerson deletes expired files automatically.
  • FTP servers require communicating information about login credentials to your customers and suppliers, who must keep records of this ifnoratmion.  SendToPerson lets you send a file to any email address.  The service sends your recipients a link to pickup the file and users can follow simple on-screen instructions to download the file. 
  • FTP requires that you setup the accounts in advance, which means you can't spontainously send files when you need to.  If it's after business hours, you'll have to wait until tomorrow when the IT helpdesk opens  SendToPerson is always available and users can setup their own accounts.  Administrators can setup account rules which the system applies automatically.

SendToPerson is better than Email
  • Email is not secure.  When you send attachments using email, you're putting your data, and your client's data at risk.  SendToPerson is always secure.  Your data and your client's data is always safe.
  • Email limits the size of attached files.  SendToPerson allows you to send files up to 2 GB in size.

SendToPerson Team is a great choice for small business web sites
The Team site includes a content management system (CMS).  The CMS enables customers to add and edit their website using a web browser.  Some customers run their entire website off of the SendToPerson Team CMS.  When you use SendToPerson for your website, you'll receive these benefits over typical hosting:
  • CMS designed to easily create search engine optimized pages for optimal placement in Google, Yahoo! and MSN search results.
  • 99.9% availability guarantee for your website.  Hosting companies keep a machine running, and you're on your own.  If your website stops responding properly you'll be losing business until you find out.  SendToPerson monitors each site on our system to make sure your site is running properly at all times.  In the event of a problem, we'll automatically detect the problem and resolve it.
  • Daily backups of your site data.
  • Up to 100 GB of monthly traffic for your website.
  • Includes SendToPerson Team features for unlimited users.
  • Use the CMS to update the content of your website at any time without dependancy on a designer.
  • Customers can do their own layout of any page or aspect of the website, or a designer is available for an hourly fee.
  • Includes customizable contact forms.
The SendToPerson TEAM product does not include e-mail hosting, or hosting of custom script files.
How it works
There are two ways to earn a commission as a SendToPerson reseller.  You can either submit a completed sales order form, or send us a referral for our sales team to process.

When you become a reseller we'll set you up with two easy forms to integrate into your website with a simple cut and paste.  When your website visitor submits the form we'll take care of the rest and send you a check.  An example of the referral form is available here.

Commission Payment Details
  • You will receive your commission payment within sixty (60) days of receipt of payment from the customer.
  • When purchasing a 1 year service agreement, customers may upgrade their plans but may not downgrade them.  For customers who upgrade their plans within sixty (60) days of the date of the original purchase, commission payment will reflect the upgraded price.
  • Customers are given incentive to pay annually. When customers pay annually, you will receive your commission payment within sixty (60) days from when we receive the payment from the customer.
  • Some customers will chose to pay monthly.  For customers who pay monthly, you will receive a portion of the collected payment proportional to the percentage of your commission and the amount received within sixty (60) days of receipt of each payment from the customer.

Residuals Explained

  • When customers renew their service agreements, you will receive a residual payment of 5% of the amount paid at the time of renewal.
  • Residual payments will be sent automatically within 60 days of receive of payment from the customer.
  • You will continue to receive residuals upon the renewal of an annual agreement provided that you are still actively generating leads as long as a reseller agreement is in effect.
  • You will be considered to have terminated the reseller agreement if you have not produced any orders or leads for 120 days.
  • STP reserves the right to terminate a reseller agreement at any time.
Upon termination of the reseller agreement you will no longer receive residual payments.

For more information, please Contact Us.

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