How It Works File Transfer Service Features
Upload Send Big Files with your web browser.
Upload files from your computer to one or more email addresses. It's OK if your files are huge.

Send SecurelySecure File Transfers over an encrypted connection.
Files are sent to our secure data center using strong encryption methods that are compatible with industry standards.

Email Email Notifications for your recipients.
We send an e-mail to your recipients automatically with a link to download your file.

Return Receipt Return Receipt
When files are downloaded, you'll get a receipt by e-mail.

Services Services we offer
Personal / Small Business Personal / Small Business
Easily send documents, media files and pictures to customers, suppliers, friends or family.

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Enterprise Products Private Servers for your Business
Get your own hosted file transfer server for your employees and customers to use (
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Data Distribution Services Data Distribution Services
Broadcast data to multiple locations.  Automated data transfers. Secure, reliable delivery with guaranteed service.
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