Send Big Files - Send Multiple Large Files At Once

On Thursday, Feb 3rd, 2011, we rolled out an enhancement to the website, so now users can upload multiple files at once.  We've had a lot of requests for this feature but we were reluctant to add it for a couple of reasons:
1.  We want to keep the user interface as simple as possible.  Adding this feature means more buttons, and possibly less confidence in the user's mind if there is any confusion.
2.  Users could already upload multiple files by compressing them into a .zip, or .rar file and uploading that, so there really isn't new functionality here.

After several dialogs with customers, we learned that many users either don't know how to zip files or find it very inconvenient.  In either case, we want to make the service as usable as possible for our customers, so we made the change.  I think that we were able to do it successfully balancing adding the feature with maintaining simplicity.

Here's a screenshot:

Some important facts:
  • Our system supports HIPAA compliance and is idea for medical, dental, and legal professionals
  • When you send multiple files at once, the TOTAL of all files combined can be up to 2GB in size.
  • Files are uploaded over a secure HTTPS connection
  • Files are encrypted on our system using military grade encryption
  • If you use the custom password feature, it is impossible, even for our highest admins, to access your content for any reason
  • Files are deleted from our servers when they expire, which by default is 7 days (you can change that in your options)

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