Guarantee of 99.9% Availability

The service is going to be important to your business. We understand that reliable, secure file transfers are a critical component of the IT infrastructure that supports the operating activities of your business. uses high availability servers, and high quality equipment in a SAS 70 Level 2 certified data center.  We provide hospital grade power, and redundant data connections.  Our equipment is monitored 24x7 and our data is backed up regularly.

A service level agreement ensures that your data is served in a responsible, reliable way.  Don't use a service that won't provide a service level agreement.  Our guarantee means that if we fail to deliver on what we promise, the cost comes out of our pockets, so we're highly motivated to protect your best interests.

Availability Guarantee Explained:

Our service will be available 99.9 percent of the time, excluding scheduled maintenance time.  Scheduled maintenance occurs on Sunday, between 5-6 PM, during which time users might experience a brief service interruption.

In the event that for a given month service is not provided to a paying customer for more than 43 minutes in a given month (excluding the hours of scheduled maintenance) then we will credit your account 2% of your monthly fee per hour of downtime towards future service up to a maximum amount not to exceed what you paid for the month of service during the period of interruption.

If you experience an extended service interruption, send an email to and we'll apply the adjustment to your account.

The Service Level Guarantee applies to paying customers only.

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