It's as easy as sending e-mail and its free!

Send any file of any size to anyone.  Send big files as easily as sending e-mail.
1. Select files 2. Enter e-mail addresses 3. Click SEND button
Send big files of any type, Media, Adobe Formats, Microsoft Formats and more Send big files to multiple recipients Send big files for free
It’s easy to send big files using, and it’s free. Send large files up to 2 gigabytes in size, as easily as sending e-mail. From our homepage, enter your recipients e-mail address, and then select the file you want to upload, and click send. The file will upload to our website, and we’ll e-mail your recipient a link to pick up the file. You can send 1 GB for free, or subscribe and send files up to 2GB in size.

There are other ways to send big files, but the easiest way to send big files is to use Other solutions are more difficult to setup, typically require user training, and are disruptive to your work flow. With you just use your web browser. There is nothing to setup, and it’s so easy to use no training is required. Since you can send big files right from the home page, you can spend more time working and less time worrying about getting your data where you need it.

Use to send big files. We’ll transport any type of file, including Word Documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel Spreadsheets, MP3s, entire CDs and DVDs, Photoshop, Illustrator documents and more.


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