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Personal / Small Business Enterprise Hosted
Data Distribution Solutions
  • From time to time you need to send documents or pictures that are too large to easily send using e-mail
  • When you send something, you want to know that it's been received
  • You want a simple, inexpensive, no hassle solution
  • Sending large files is a routine part of your routine business processes;
  •  OR your company sends large amounts of data, more than 25 GB per month or more than 10 GB daily
  • OR you have more than 5 employees who need to send large files;
  • OR you need a service level guarantee that your data will be delivered quickly
  • AND you want everything hosted and managed for you
  • You want everything run out of your own data center;
  • OR you want a hosted solution with service level guarantees;
  • OR you need to move large volumes of data, more than 10 GB daily;
  • OR you need to distribute data to multiple locations
  • OR you have special work flow needs and require a custom software solution
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