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About SendToPerson.com

In today’s global market place the Internet enables working professionals to collaborate over large distances and across time zones. Working with customers and suppliers means exchanging data over long distances. Technology enables us to produce increasing amounts of data in the form of documents, digital pictures, graphics design files and other data. As the pace of business increases, the challenge of exchanging data can interfere with our workflow and impede our ability to collaborate.

Incorporated in 2006, SendToPerson.com provides a seamless file transfer solution. With one click of the mouse, you can send a file to anyone, anywhere in the world, regardless of the file size. The recipient of your file does not need to enroll with the service to receive your file.

SendToPerson.com takes over where e-mail fails:
  • One-click to email your documents and data to anyone, regardless of file size
  • Seamless integration into your desktop, just right-click on your file and select Send To -> Person
  • Seamless integration into your Microsoft Office applications. Just push the Send-To-Person button. Supported Microsoft Office Applications: Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Visio, Publisher, Project, Powerpoint, Frontpage
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