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     You may not use the SendToPerson.com service to transfer files that violate copyright or any other laws. The files you send using this system are not guaranteed to be secure. SendToPerson.com is not responsible for any loss of data you may incur sending files, or any damages you may incur if the files you send are accessed by parties other than the intended recipient(s). SendToPerson.com respects your privacy. We do not open or inspect your files in any way. The files sent to you using this system may contain materials that are offensive, inappropriate for minors, or are potentially unsafe for your computer. Files sent to you using this system could contain viruses, Trojans, key loggers, spyware or other mal-ware that could damage your computer or your data. YOU USE THIS SERVICE AT YOUR OWN RISK. SendToPerson.com is not responsible for any damages of any kind you may incur using this service, either direct or consequential. SendToPerson.com provides the software and service AS IS without any warranty of any kind that the software is fit for any particular purpose or is free from defects.
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