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SendToPerson for Teams

Custom Branded, Hosted and Managed File Transfer Service

Contact us now!  We'll be glad to answer your questions!

The Best Way To Send Files: SendToPerson for Teams
Fully customizable, white label, completely brandable file transfer service.  Our service is so customizable that many of our clients run their entire business on it.  No other managed file transfer service provides the same level of customization, all from within your web browser.

  • Customizable URL - Use your choice of formats for a custom URL. Choose www.mycompany.com to use your own domain, and run your entire website off it; choose sendfiles.mycompany.com to extend your website with our file transfer service; or choose mycompany.sendtoperson.com.
  • Customizable Layout - Every aspect of the site can be customized, including design, background, meta tags, titles, styles, fonts and graphics.  Edit the layout for your site page template, and then customize each page.
  • Customizable Pages - Add or remove pages, edit pages in your web browser using our content management system. Our MS-Word-Like editor shows allows you to paste in content from MS Word, edit content and upload images, and even edit the HTML of your page.
  • Customizable Contact Forms - You can customize your contact forms including contact subjects and the recipients of each type of contact form.  Add your own new types of contact forms.
  • Customizable Email - Create your own customizable email templates with custom branding for HTML or Text.  Attach your logo, and upload images all from within your web browser.

Learn more about SendToPerson for Teams or Contact Us for a free trial.

Contact us now!  We'll be glad to answer your questions!

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