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SendToPerson Adds Feature To Send Multiple Large Files At Once

Published February 11, 2011
SendToPerson.com Adds Feature To Send Multiple Large Files At Once

Users Can Securely Send Large Files For Free

New York, NY, February 9, 2011: Last week, large file transfer service SendToPerson.com deployed a
new feature which enables users to send several large files at once. Previously, users who wanted to
send files securely had to either compress files with a compression utility such zip or rar compression.
With the update, users can send many files at once. The files are automatically compressed by the
server and stored in a single zip file for delivery. Recipients get a link in their email to download the
file. When files are delivered, the system sends an email receipt to the sender. SendToPerson.com CEO
David J. Berman stated, “We keep the user interface as clean and simple as possible, so customers can
use the system to securely send files without the need for any training or instructions. We made the
design decision to add this feature because many of our customers asked for it.”

According to SendToPerson.com management, the feature was deployed for custom branded team
sites for which businesses and teams run on their own domain name, as well as for individuals using the
SendToPerson.com website. According to CTO Carmine Guida, “We put a lot of effort into making the
system secure. All files are sent and received using a secure connection, and undergo military grade
encryption before they are committed to disk. When using the custom encryption feature, even our
highest level admins can’t access customer data. That makes the service ideal for dentists, doctor’s
offices, banks, law firms or any company that needs to send confidential information securely.”

Users of the service can now send multiple files at once using the service, up to two gigabytes
maximum. Files can be sent to many recipients at once. The website allows people to send large files
for free, up to 100 mb. Paid plans can send much larger files, up to 2 GB in size.

According to the executive team, SendToPerson.com is used to transfer a wide variety of data, such as
patient records, x-rays, medical scans, customer records, PowerPoint presentations, backups, audio
and video files and many other types of data. According to management, customers typically chose
SendToPerson.com over competitors because the service offers unlimited user accounts for teams for
a fixed price, and allows companies to completely custom brand their team site, including a custom
domain name. Many customers use SendToPerson.com to replace FTP servers because the service
completely relieves administrators of maintenance tasks, user training, and software deployment.

SendToPerson.com differentiates itself from file sharing services by using a simple “fire-and-forget”
approach. Files are sent and then deleted from the SendToPerson.com system after seven days, instead
of storing them indefinitely in the “cloud”.

About SendToPerson.com, LLC

SendToPerson.com is a file transfer service that enables customers to securely send files up to two
gigabytes in size. SendToPerson.com fully supports HIPAA compliance. Data is transferred and stored
using military grade encryption. The website’s zero administration solutions instantly enable their
users and the people they work with to exchange data securely. SendToPerson.com offers fully custom
branded solutions for teams as well as individuals. Team site benefit from unlimited user accounts for a
single fixed price, while maintaining consistent branding with their own customers and suppliers.

Author: Priya Ghai

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