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The Best Way To Send Big Files

Why ZapFiles.com is "The Best Way To Send Big Files":

Better than Email - Send big files using ZapFiles.com because it is fast, easy and secure.  When you send big files over Internet as email attachments, your files are sent in a way that is not secure.  Your data is at risk, and so is your privacy.  Internet Service Providers and corporate mail servers are blocking large attachments because when you send big files through email those files actually double in size and add a lot of load and expense to the data center.  ZapFiles.com protects your data, so you can send big files securely, protecting yourself, your clients, and your business. 

Better than FTP - FTP is not a secure way to send big files online.  You can use SFTP, but that takes work to setup, train users and enforce discipline on your users to use it. You have to create accounts for the sender and each recipient, and you have to routinely clean out old files from your FTP server or you'll run out of disk space. ZapFiles.com's unique Zero Administration approach allows users to create their own accounts which are granted access automatically according to your rules, such as having an email account on your company domain, so you never have to manage user accounts. Files are automatically deleted when they expire, so you never have to clean out the server.  When users send big files using ZapFiles.com, files are encrypted as they are uploaded, so file transfers are always secure.

Better than other Managed File Transfer Services - Only ZapFiles.com provides a 99.9% up time guarantee. Why doesn't everyone do that?  Maybe they store your files on a PC in a closet. We have a SAS 70 Level 2 certified data center, with backup equipment, 24x7 monitoring, redundant data connections, and redudant electricity sources. We have security patrol inside and outside of the facility at all times. Who do you trust with your data? Only ZapFiles.com provides a zero administration solution. Everyone else requires you to manually ad and remove user accounts.  Only ZapFiles.com provides Unlimited User Accounts.

Better than your corporate LAN / VPN - When you use your corporate lan to send big files online, you'll lose a lot of performance when working internationally. The protocol for LAN's doesn't work well over large distances. The ZapFiles system uses the HTTP protocol which is much faster than the LAN file transfer system especially over large distances.

Use ZapFiles.com to send big files. We’ll transport any type of file, including Word Documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel Spreadsheets, MP3s, entire CDs and DVDs, Photoshop, Illustrator documents and more.

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